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Application Tips

Step 1 - For maximum results, wash and exfoliate your skin. If your skin is extremely dry, exfoliate, and then apply a small amount of moisturaizer. If your skin is moderately dry around your elbows, knees, feet and heels, lightly moisturize the areas before applying Instant Summer.

Step 2 - To avoid coloring your palms when applying, we recommend using disposal latex or vinyl gloves. If you wish to apply without gloves, rub an inexpensive body lotion into your palms and fingers, especially around fingernails, before applying. Have a washcloth laid out infront of you to wipe excess lotion from your palms when finished.

Step 3 - Smooth Instant Summer evenly over the desired area. The tan is instant and will intensify over a 3 hour period.

Step 4 - Instant Summer dries to the touch in less than 10 minutes. We recommend waiting 3 hours before swimming or bathing after applying. If you spill the lotion on your clothing, washing will remove the spill. No spotting or bleach is required.

Step 5 - If you wish a darker tan, reapply every 3 hours. The dark, rich color allows you to see where the lotion is going to avoid streaking. Your tan will darken and deepen with each application.

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