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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will Instant Summer turn my skin orange?

No. Instant Summer is the perfect blend of qulity and natural ingredients which provide a long lasting, natural looking tan instantly and deepens over three hours. This breakthrough product is not dye based and is not a stain. Instant Summer will not turn your skin orange or yellow... Guaranteed!

Will streaking or build-up be a problem?

No. Most other self-tanners go on clear, which makes it difficult to see what you are doing. This is the main cause of streaking nd unevenapplication. Instant Summer, with it dark brown color, ensures uniform application and dries quickly and evenly for a smooth natural looking tan... Guaranteed!

Does Instant Summer Smell Bad?

No. Many other self-tanners have a very npleasant chemical odor. Instant Summer does not have a chemica based smell like other self-tanning lotions; it contains a mild scent of cherry-almond-amaretto, which slowly fades away as the lotion is absorbed into the skin. You'll love it... Guaranteed!

Will Instant Summer dry out my skin?

No. Instant Summer actually moisturizes your skin because it contains botanically extracted ingredients, which hydrate and protect your skin. It provides a safe barrier against drying elements all without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin. Instant Summer leaves your skin looking soft and smooth.

Can I use Instant Summer on my face?

Yes. The formula was designed for the entire body, including the face. Because of the natural moisturizers like Aloe Vera and glycerin, Instant Summer is one of the few instant self-tanners that is actully recommended for the face.

Is Instant Summer a good deal?

Yes. Even though Instant Summer is clearly superior to other self-tanning products, it is still priced very competitively. Many of the "well known" self-tanners come in large looking bottles but actually contain only 3.5 to 4 ounces. Instant Summer comes in a big, 6 ounce bottle so ounce for ounce Instant Summer can actually cost less than many other brands.

Will my Instant Summer tan fade naturally?

Yes. Many other self-tanners flake or peel off, which you get to spend several days hiking your skin. Instant Summer tans the dead skin cells with a sugar called DHA, not with dyes or stains. As you naturally wash off the tanned skin cells, your tan will naturally fadeaway. This is why Instant Summer looks so natural and why it fades like a natural tan.

Is Instant Summer hypo-allergenic?

Yes. This delicate blend of ingredients is hypo-allergenic and protects your skin without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin.

How do I apply Instant Summer?

We recommend that you shower and exfoliate your skin to remove surface impurities and insure uniform application Apply evenly over your skin y hand (latex or vinyl gloves recommended) as you would apply any lotion. Do not come in contact with water, perfumes or additional lotions for at least one hour to allow your skin to absorb the deepest, darkest and most moisturizing tan available. the color will intensify within 3 hours of application. Wash the palms of your hands and fingernails with soap and water immediately after applying Instant Summer.

How long will my Instant Summer tan last?

Instant Summer can last anywhere from three days up to one week with one application, depending on the level of darkness you want to achieve and maintain, how often you bath, what kinds of soap you use, etc. The nice part is that if your desired color starts to fade, simply apply more Instant Summer to revive your tan The special added moisturizers in Instant Summer are extremely effective in maintaining your deep, dark tan.

Will Instant Summer stain my clothing?

No. Since Instant Summer uses an organic pigment color, not a stain or a dye, it will not permanently stain. It will wash out without any laundering pre-treatments, but you should still allow it to dry before you get dressed to avoid getting the color on your clothes.

How often should I apply Instant Summer?

Each application of Instant Summer tans instantly and will intensify within 3 hours, so if you can leave it on for 3 hours at a time you will get the most color from each application. Remember that each time you aplpy Instant Summer your color will deepen further. We recommend that you apply Instant Summer for 2 or 3 days in a row until the desired darkness of tan is achieved. Then reapply once a week or as needed.

How long does Instant Summer take to dry?

Most other self-tanners take an hour or more to dry, leaving you to stand around with your arms in the air. Instant Summer dries to the touch in just a few minutes.

How do I keep from tanning my palms?

Instant Summer will tan all skin including the palms of your hands. We suggest that you use latex or vinyl gloves when applying Instant Summer. If no gloves are available, be sure to wash the palms of your hands with soap and water immediately after applying Instant Summer.

*Helpful Hint: Apply some sun block to the palms of your hands before applying Instant Summer. The sun block will keep Instant Summer from absorbing into the palms of your hands. Wash immediately with soap and water after applying Instant Summer.

Does Instant Summer contain sun block?

No. Instant Summer is not a sun block. Make sure you still protect your skin from the sun. We believe that since everyone has different skin tones, and different sensitivity to the sun, it would be impossible to include the proper sunscreen for everyone. Your degree of sun exposure and your preference for protection will lead you to the safe SPF rating for the sunscreens that you should use.

Will knees/elbows turn orange or dark brown?

No. Because of the breakthrough technology of Instant Summer, you should have no problem with knee and elbow areas. We do recommend that you exfoliate these areas and apply a good moisturizer to knees, elbows, knuckles and ankles prior to applying Instant Summer just for good measure.

Will Instant Summer affect my hair and nails?

Instant Summer has no effect on hair but can color finger and toe nails. Apply sun block to nails and avoid getting Instant Summer on nails. Wash nails with soap and water after applying Instant Summer.

Is Instant Summer safe?

Yes. Instant Summer contains all natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel, Hazel and Pecan Oils which provide the richest, darkest looking tan in the most protected way without the sun. These ingredients create balance and overall great glow for the skin's outer layers.

What are the active ingredients?

Instnt Summer uses a safe sugar enzyme called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). When this sugar reacts with the amino acids in the skin it initiates a natural, deep, dark tanning process.

Are tanning beds harmful to your skin?

Yes. The latest medical research surveys have indicated that the use of tanning bed devices can be 5 times more harmful than tanning outdoors. Tanning beds and exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer as a result of the high intensity of the UVA rays. Any exposure (indoors or outdoors) is damaging to your skin over a long term. The use of Instant Summer is by far a safer way to get a deep, rich, natural looking tan and will quickly replenish needed moisture to your skin cells. This exclusive formulation of rich Aloe Vera Gel and specially selected botanicals is extremely affective in restoring dry, flaking and sun damaged skin into moisturized, youthful looking skin.

Is Instant Summer Good for vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which there is a loss of colored pigment from areas of skin, resulting in irregular white patches that feel like normal skin. Camouflage makeup is an option for people whose vitiligo is not widespread,however, Instant Summer, the world’s best instant self tanner, may be a better option. It doesn’t have to be applied everyday and because it isn’t makeup and it can be used comfortably by both men and women. Men and women suffering from vitiligo have found that applying Instant Summer noticeably darkens the affected area. Repeated applications darken the area to the desired shade. Many have discovered their skin tone looks more even. Instant Summer is not a camouflage makeup and while it works for many with vitiligo, it is not for everyone. As always, if you find Instant Summer is not for you, we will refund your 100% of your purchase, including postage.


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